Z02-Deep Cleansing Nose Strips Blackhead Remover

100% New & High quality

Features: deep hydration, hemorrhoid treatment

Ingredients: Bamboo charcoal

Color: Black, White, Pink

How to use:

1. Cleanse the face;

2. Use skin care cotton wet nose 2-3 minutes to make the nose moist;

3. Remove clear film and place silky side onto the nose;

4. Dry 15~20 minutes until completely dried;

5. After completely dried, slowly and carefully peel off the strip starting at edges.

Remarks: For external use only. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. Keep it in a cool place and avoid contact with children.

Tea polyphenols in green tea, antioxidation, anti-aging.

Bamboo’s charcoal adsorption is strong, deep clean.

Hyaluronic Acid improves cell repairability.

Seaweed Obliterate makes pores compact.