Z20 - VINECYA'S SECRET Gingham (NEW) Original Mist from Canada


All items are: ✅💯 Original ✅Bought from Canada/USA ❌Tester/Class A-Z/Oil-based/Fake What it smells like: 💙Gingham a fresh, vibrant, happy celebration of everything you love about Bath & Body Works. Fragrance notes: blue freesia, white peach, fresh clementine, violet and clean musk. 💚Gingham Fresh our freshest, brightest, most cheerful Gingham yet. Fragrance notes: juicy pear, sparkling clementine and fresh daisies. 💜Gingham Vibrant our most vibrant, sweet, playful Gingham yet. Fragrance notes: wild blackberries, candied violets and soft vanilla. 💗Gingham Gorgeous our most gorgeous, floral, happy Gingham yet. Fragrance notes: pink strawberries, peach nectar and peony blooms.