Z21 - Sexy Man Perfume Original Sweet Night Perfume men s perfume long lasting oil based 55ml

🌸PRODUCT INFORMATION🌸- Name product: SEXY MAN PERFUME 50ml Limited Edition Perfume - 2 scent : BLUE WAVE PERFUME / DARK AMBER PERFUME - Concentration: Eau de parfum - Suitable crowd: men - Use Method: wear perfume in the position where artery pulses, such as the wrist, neck, behind ears and inside the elbow, which may help the perfume volatilize. Made from premium fine fragrances from France. Inspired by ultimate iconic, memorable aroma and undeniable classic perfumes. - Condition: 100% Brand new with box and sealed. Premium / Classic / Longlasting - Specifications: 50ml, Premium Oil based Perfume, Glass bottle, hypoallergenic with skin moisturizer, long lasting scent (up to 12 hrs. and more)