Z28 - 6pcs Toothbrushes Premium Soft Bristles Wide Head Home Travel Genuine Daily Use Adult

Product Description:

Elevate your oral care with the Gum Care Family Pack Adult Toothbrush. Featuring a wide-headed design and soft bristles, it ensures a gentle yet effective clean. The deep-reaching bristles and ergonomic handle make it a household essential for optimal dental hygiene.

Key Features:

Wide-headed design for thorough cleaning.

Soft bristles for gentle gum care.

Deep-reaching bristles enhance plaque removal.

Ergonomic handle for comfortable use.


Q: Are the bristles suitable for sensitive gums?

A: Yes, the soft bristles ensure a gentle yet effective cleaning experience, making it suitable for sensitive gums.

Product Information:

Quantity: Family Pack

Head Type: Wide

Bristle Type: Soft

Style: Household

Designed for: Optimal Gum Care