Z29 - 480 Sheets TC Organic Green Tea Facial Tissue Paper Towel

This pack comes with 8 packs of 480 sheets each, providing you with  high-quality facial tissue paper towels.

Organic and Green

Soft and Gentle

Absorbent and Strong

Made from organic materials, these facial tissue paper towels are environmentally friendly. So you can use them without harming the environment. The green tea extract in the tissues provides anti-inflammatory properties, making them gentle on your skin.

The soft texture of these tissue paper towels means they are gentle on your nose but strong enough to clean up any messes. They are also highly absorbent, ensuring that you can use fewer sheets to do more.

Packaging: 8

Type: Facial Tissue Paper Towel

This Organic green tea Facial Tissue Paper Towel is a wise choice for those who want a high-quality product that is both soft on their skin and kind to the environment. Get yours today!